Katsura Landscaping is a landscape services company founded by Scott Haile in 2006. Katsura Landscaping provides high-end softscape design, planting and maintenance for West Vancouver and North Vancouver. All of our workers are insured with WorkSafe BC, and we have general liability insurance. We are a proud member of the B.C. Landscape Nursery Association which sets standards for “best practices” in the industry.

Our aim is to provide professional, courteous, timely service that exceeds your expectations.

Our core values are:

  • Customer service
  • Dependability
  • Knowledge
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork

The Katsura Tree (Cercidiphyllum japonicum)

The Katsura tree is a very distinctive landscape tree known for its delicate leaves and bright autumn colour. In autumn, the heart shaped leaves smell of burnt sugar when crushed, and the tree turns bright yellow, pink, and orange-red.

Our Team

Management Team

Scott Haile
Scott, founder and president of Katsura Landscaping, has over 20 years of industry experience. He completed the Capilano University Landscape Horticulture program in 2006, and is a Certified Landscape Professional (CLP), a designation given to landscape managers through the Canada Nursery Landscape Association. He started the company in 2006 after completing the Capilano program. He enjoys snowboarding, playing guitar, and running North Shore trails. He has a wife and son. He was born and lives in North Vancouver.
Alex Murray
Vice President of Operations
Alex completed the Capilano University Landscape Horticulture program in 2007. Alex has over 20 years of landscaping experience and brings lots of enthusiasm, reliability, and attention to detail. He has great plant identification and knowledge, and combines this with his exceptional turf knowledge. He has been with the company since 2008. Prior to that he had his own landscape maintenance business. He enjoys hiking and sports. He lives in North Vancouver with his wife and two children.
Marcelo Marques
Maintenance Manager
Marcelo has a bachelor's degree in Agronomy from Brazil. As part of this he has studied plant physiology, plant nutrition, soil, and pest and diseases. He loves maintaining landscapes as he enjoys working outside and with nature. His favourite tasks are pruning and planting. He has completed the Landscape Horticulture Diploma program at Burnaby Continuing Education. He loves exploring the mountains and lakes of BC and any outdoor activities, but also likes watching movies.


Yolanda Gomez
Yolanda has a has a certificate of distinction in Accounting and Finance, and her background is in Hotel and Tourism administration. She learnt about plants from a young age from her mother, when she assisted in planting flowers on their family farm. She likes to take care of flower pots on her balcony. She loves the landscape of Vancouver with it’s trees, mountains, and the sea. Here favorite hobbies are cooking, playing guitar, and making Christmas decorations. She lives in North Vancouver with her husband.


Sauha Lee
Crew Leader
Sauha has become an integral part of the Katsura Team. She has a Horticulture Technician Certificate from the Horticultural College and a Bachelor of Design in Industrial Design from Emily Carr University. She enjoys observing how gardens evolve overtime and examining the design intent of different spaces. When not at work Sauha enjoys art and learning to grow her own vegetables. She loves Vancouver for the ocean and that she can bike anywhere.
Farley Dunsmuir
Crew Leader
Farley has six years of experience and has completed level 2 of the Landscape Horticulture Apprenticeship program. His favourite task and best skill is lawn mowing and trimming. He enjoys being outside in the fresh air and getting the exercise while working. He is a writer and likes to write movie scripts.
Spencer Scott
Crew Leader
Spencer has 4 years of landscaping experience and loves working outdoors with plants as he enjoys Vancouver’s landscape and good weather. His best landscaping skill is pruning shrubs and his favourite task is shaping hedges. Spencer has successfully completed the Burnaby Residential Landscape diploma program. In his spare time, he enjoys snowboarding at the local mountains.
Katie Nanka
Crew Leader
Katie came from a background of Occupational Health and Safety and studied Marketing Communications at BCIT. Katie has learned to complete tasks quickly while still doing a good job. She has excellent pruning skills. She is capable of the hard work of soil and mulch installation. Katie loves making a difference and wants to always please the client. When not at work she enjoys cycling, and loves living in Vancouver with the rolling mountains right by the sea. Katie has successfully completed the Burnaby Residential Landscape diploma program.
Chase Easun-Gray
Crew Leader
Chase is in his third year of landscaping. He has successfully completed the Burnaby Residential Landscape diploma program, as well as other horticultural courses in Guelph. His strongest skills are shrub shaping, trimming and pruning and his favourite task is tree pruning. He likes caring for gardens and planting. Chase loves being close to nature and living near the mountains in Vancouver as he enjoys camping, hiking and canoeing.
Jeannine Johnstone
Crew Leader
Jeannine has been a coordinator for invasive plant management and habitat enhancement in Stanley Park for the past 3 years. She has successfully completed the UBC Botanical Garden Horticulture training program. Her best strengths are fruit tree pruning and vegetable / food gardens. She loves building and managing landscapes that benefit homeowners and local ecology as well as design and plant selection. Her favorite hobbies are weaving and painting. She likes Vancouver’s mountains, ocean and places to explore with her dog Charlie.
Paula Samuels
Paula has fourteen years landscaping experience. She has completed Level 2 of Environmental Ecosystems Landscaping. Her best skills are pruning, planting, and interacting with customers. She enjoys hiking, mountain biking, horse-riding, and all outdoor activities. Her favorite things about Vancouver are the diversity of the forests, the mountains, the ocean, the local plants and wildlife.
Adnan Semanic
Adnan has over 10 years of experience in maintenance, building, and installation at his own property in Bosnia and Herzegovina. A few years ago he decided to switch his Bachelor in Law degree for working outside doing landscaping. He wanted to try a job without walls that only nature can offer. His best landscaping skills are working with power tools. His favorite task is building lumber walls. In his spare time he likes hiking, running, biking, watching movies, and exploring new places.
Sabrina Bravo
Sabrina has a background in audio engineering and music production. Her best strengths are lawn care and being detail oriented on garden bed work. Her favorite things about landscaping are getting to learn about new plants every day and working in the great outdoors. Outside of work she likes to produce music and DJ. She loves the weather, ocean and mountains of Vancouver.