A meandering pathway through a garden or a straight path down the side of a house are good for access. We install using natural stone options.

Flagstone Patios

A sitting area in a garden built with flagstone is a place to reflect and enjoy a peaceful afternoon.

Garden Bed Walls

We build walls with StackWall blocks, up to 2′ in height.

Garden Stairs

We build stairs with Basalt or Granite risers and treads.

Lumber Walls

Pressure treated lumber can be a simple and effective way to retain soil and garden beds.  We build them up to 2′ in height.

River rock + Gravel

By adding landscape fabric and river rock or gravel, you can eliminate weeds and create a maintenance free area.

Lawn Edging

Lawn edging materials should be strong and hold their curves or straight lines over time.  We use precision board in black or brown, or aluminum edging.