Lawn & Garden Maintenance

We have been maintaining lawns and gardens on the North Shore for over 12 years.  Give us a call for a free assessment of your needs.

Maintenance Contracts

Our maintenance program ensures that we have you pre-scheduled for a set amount of time every week or second week. We record our time over the course of the year to ensure we are on track.Typically weekly is suggested for a property with a lawn, while gardens only may be bi-weekly.

Hourly Work/Quoted Work

We are happy to do work at hourly rates, or provide written estimates.

Tree, Shrub + Hedge Pruning

We prune up to a height of 5 meters.  We take great care to use clean and sharp pruning equipment and prune to maximize the natural growth habit and seasonal interest of any plant.

Yard Cleanups

We will take your overgrown property and transform it into a neat, tidy and clean garden with great curb appeal.