Specimen Trees

A Specimen tree can be a focal point or provide shade or screening. We would be happy to personally select the best trees for your property from our suppliers in the lower mainland.


Hedges help to screen your property from your neighbours and delineate your property line. We can recommend the right species for your needs, but typically they are species of Cedar, Laurel, or Yew trees.
Shrubs should be selected for “right plant, right place”, with considerations for light, soil conditions, flower and leaf colour, and size.

Soil and Mulch

Soil and mulch hold nutrients and water for plants and adding them to existing garden beds is a good idea every 1-2 years.

New Lawns

After a lawn becomes less than 50% good grass species, it is time for a replacement. We will remove the old turf and replace it with new, while adding new soil and fertilizer. We have access to Chafer Beetle resistant turf which is a good option depending on your area.

Seasonal Planters

Using a mix of evergreen and annual plants, we can create planting designs for all seasons.

Planting Design

We offer ideas for plants and placement. For larger projects, we have designers that we work with.