Susan and Sandi A

Needing help with our lawn we entered into our first contract with Katsura Landscaping for a total lawn renovation in May 2016 and they have been providing us with weekly lawn maintenance since that time, being attentive to any special requests. In April 2019 Katsura took over the care and maintenance of our garden beds – cleanup, weeding, pruning, adding compost when needed as well as replacement of old shrubs with new.

We have been truly impressed with both Scott and Alex’s high standard of care and knowledgeable service throughout the years. Their crews are well trained, hard working and friendly; a pleasure to deal with. During COVID-19 Scott has been very understanding of his crew’s needs and safety. They have told us they appreciate his concern for them.

Overall we would not hesitate to recommend Katsura to anyone looking for outstanding lawn and garden care. From the beginning they have provided us with a high standard and continue to do so. For us, a hedge replacement is now in the planning stages and we are confident Katsura will do an exceptional job.

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